This is my story...

My journey started many, many years ago...
It started with the passion to design. Knowing this passion, I decided to work in a small quaint floral shop; I fell in love. I did this for several years. Then one day while working, I received a call for a flower order. He was purchasing flowers for his mom. How sweet is that... that person became my husband, Jim is the love of my life. We have 4 beautiful children: Maegan, Makayla, Layden and Lauren. They are so supportive, and they give me so much joy and worth. They inspire me every day and are full of encouragement.

I decided to put the flower business behind me and go in to the medical field where I worked for over 20 years. I retired from medicine in 2015 to pursue this business full time. The passion for flowers, design, construction, crafting has never left me. Recently I decided to start it again... Here I am the owner of Rustiek, the wood shop. I started with planter boxes because I could not find anything I liked that had some flare. I wanted shabby. I wanted chic. I wanted farmhouse. I wanted rustic, I wanted imperfections.

I love doing this job! I see this business growing, and it makes me feel very blessed. I hope it will continue to grow for years to come.

Thank you and enjoy Rustiek.

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